How to Use The ODDCLOTH


Function:  “The purpose for which something is designed or exists”

I designed The ODDCLOTH to solve a highly annoying problem, in a specific place, but quickly realized there are so many spaces suited to the function of my odd-shaped cloth.  You will soon conquer your own hard-to-get-at spaces.  Odd…it just works!
The shape of The ODDCLOTH is perfectly suited to cleaning, drying and polishing tight spaces.  
Hold The ODDCLOTH by the ends, or “arms,” to facilitate the required pulling motion necessary for the cloth to grab debris, absorb liquids, and polish the surfaces.
The center of The ODDCLOTH, or “eye,” is wide, so it fills up the space, as you pull the arms around, through, or back and forth.
Use the eye of the cloth to give a finishing polish to the open spaces around the crevices, and to rid your mirror, glass, and metal surfaces of water spots and streaks.



Just a few of the areas The ODDCLOTH can be used:


Sink faucets
Toilet hinges
Stovetop crevices, Knobs, Handles
Kitchen appliances
Car Seats
Lighting fixtures / Chandeliers
Window blinds


Wooden furniture
Wrought iron furniture
Silver polishing
Shoe polishing
Medical / Technical equipment
Filming equipment
Bar taps

Sewing machines
Musical instruments
Classic car maintenance
Boats / Yachts
Home / Office

Schools/ Day Care centers
Athletic Clubs/Spas
Hair Salons/Barbershops
Retail stores
Manufacturing facilities
Physician/Dental offices

Try The ODDCLOTH for Yourself

We’re convinced you will find The ODDCLOTH to be immensely useful and a superior product born out of that time-tested proverb: "Laziness is the father of invention".

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